Heating Controls

Heat in rooms may be individually and accurately regulated by their own thermostats – you can choose between basic dial type stats, digital programmable and even wireless options.

Especially in larger houses or buildings, the use of our central touch screen is ideal. From one very easy to use interface, not only can you set, lock or change remotely the rooms (up to 32 thermostats) but you can even see current temperatures and individual room history. Leaving the house for holidays for instance, you can command all of the room stats from one point to a setback temperature instead of having to walk around and individually re-program every one. Not only is it very easy to use, it’s reasonably priced and easy to fit.

With our Nibe Heatpump range, a lot of control is already on-board. The heatpump is monitoring the weather and feeding the heating system with the correct levels of heat. Not only does this have the effect of being more comfortable, but it also minimises the energy required.