Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating  – Highest comfort and aesthetics with lowest running costs

Probably the nicest way to heat a building is to gently warm its floors, but you also enjoy other hidden advantages – floor heating requires much lower water temperatures and is therefore well suited to heatpumps or low temperature condensing boilers etc.

As the heat is brought in at floor level, less overall input is required compared to other sources such as radiators where the warmest air immediately ascends to ceiling level. There are easy solutions for either new build or retrofit.

We have different solutions whether the floors are solid or wooden, new or retrofit. If you want to use radiators upstairs for instance and floor heating downstairs, that’s no problem technically, but the heating system’s ‘base’ temperature is set higher for the radiator part, so will cost a little more to run.

Our Nibe heatpumps can control up to four different temperature outputs – EG radiators, floor heating, higher temperature floor heating in a conservatory and so on…all linked to the outside weather for perfect control and minimal energy needs.

Connecting a Nibe heatpump to Unipipe floor heating you are assured that the whole package is compatible, and well thought out from one source.

Unipipe composite pipe is very cost effective too as there is no waste – off cuts can be used for other plumbing and heating jobs.

The even feeling of comfort from radiant floor heating is the most common reason why people choose this form of heating over others. It just makes sense to have the heat coming from the floor, where it is most needed, giving you a warm body and cool head rather than the stuffy heat provided by radiators or other forms of convected or warm air heating. Warmth from the floor radiates evenly and gently upwards for ideal comfort, even in rooms with high ceilings.


Unipipe controls are precise and an easy-to-use. Choose between our popular network system with a touch-pad control of up to 32 stats or wireless controls convenient for retrofitting. There’s also now a Wi-Fi stat and iPhone App too!