It takes years of effort to build up a good reputation as a competent installer. Word of mouth recommendations from happy customers are priceless – that’s something we have always understood well. That’s why our emphasis is on quality products. Do it once and do it right!

We in Unipipe are from the same background after all, so any product we sell we also know how to fit…. and unlike many other merchants your queries will be answered by staff with actual field installation experience or trained service engineers.

Making the right product choices reflects on your reputation too, that’s why we at Unipipe have always placed the highest emphasis on the quality of what we sell above all else.

Unlike many others in the renewables sector, we are not new at this!

Training-resizedInstaller Training Programs
On a regular basis we offer training on our various heat pump technologies. To book a place just contact us and we’ll schedule a session for you or your staff

  • General Introduction to Heat Pumps – 1 Day
  • Advanced Integration of Heat pumps, Air to Water

 What the Installers say

“I’ve been using Unipipe since the mid nineties for most of our work. I like the fact there’s no waste…left-overs from floor heating coils go into our plumbing and the connections are 100% for peace of mind!”

Galloping Green Heating Services

“We really like to two products hand in hand – Nibe heatpumps and the Unipipe Floor heating….the service and tech  back-up is great.”

Clinton Franey

“We’re working with Nibe heat pumps for the last eleven years now (but also sevice other brands too). We think they haven’t been matched for real life efficiency and product back up in Ireland. In fact it’s what I use to heat my own house too!”

Ken Glover, Glover & Co., Wicklow

“Saved us a small fortune in labour compared to the use of copper or steel on two major hotel projects… Unipipe has a lower installed cost than the traditional materials”

Jim Smith Mercury Engineeering

Installer Training Programs