Choose a system for Hot Water Plus Heating Support

Using a system developed by Nibe, we can offer the absolute lowest possible running costs by using extra solar panels over and above what we would normally use for just hot water.

This means that we get central heating support in effect but regulated out to the heating system by the heatpump’s control system. If there’s more heat taken in for free from the solar than immediately needed, we hold it in the tank and its pumped out to the floors or radiators as required.

As with all of Nibe’s New Generation smart controls, the flow temperature to the heating system is varied depending on the outside temperature.


  • Lowest Possible Running costs by maximising the use of solar for both heating and hot water.
  • Less wear on the heatpump as reduced annual running hours are required.
  • If there’s no sun, the heatpump automatically takes up the difference.
  • Use it with our Unipipe floor heating and Walk on Sunshine!

Though initially developed for houses, we have also used this principle on a large scale in nursing homes too with great success.