NIBE offers Ireland's widest range of
air/water heat pumps and accessories,
all controllable by NIBE uplink.

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Easy to use colour
displays are a feature
of all our Heat Pumps

NIBE Exhaust concept 2016_angle_ winter_LR

Which technology to choose…

Air to Water Heat Pumps


  • Easy integration to existing oil, gas or solid fuel heating systems for retrofit.
  • Packaged appliance-styled indoor hot water units with inbuilt controls.
  • No external collector or boreholes required.
  • Docks with radiator or floor heating.

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps


  • An all-in-one unit – heat-recovery, Heating & Hot water.
  • New home or Passive House that will be at a high level of air-tightness and low heat loss, needs ventilation.
  • Less cost than buying separate traditional solutions and a stand-alone heat recovery unit.

Ground Source/ Geothermal Heat Pumps


  • Lowest possible running costs in any weather, (around one third of the cost of oil).
  • Outdoor temperature linked heat production – comfortable constant & even heating.
  • On board separate control of radiators and floor heating.

Architects & Engineers

Professional product & design guidance.
Improving Energy Ratings & Compliance.
Accredited CPD Training & Seminars

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UFH, Controls, Unipipe MLCP system.
Nibe Heat pump Training Program.

Service Resources.

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Homeowners & Selfbuilders

Reducing Heating & Hot Water Costs.
Which systems to select and useful resources for self-builders.
Operating Tips & Service.

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Nursing homes,

Schools & Pools.
Offices &

Commercial heating.

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Nibe Uplink

Control your heatpump from your Ipad, IPhone, computer or any device

unipipe-nibe-uplinkNIBE Uplink gives you a quick overview and the present status of your system. You get a good overall view and good information for monitoring and controlling your heating and hot water. If your system is affected by a malfunction, you receive an alert via e-mail that allows you to react quickly.


Unipipe are specialist distributors of underfloor heating and renewable low-energy heating systems. Whilst we are well known for our multi-layer pipe and floor heating systems, which we take out name from, we also pioneered the use of heating pump technology in Ireland. Unipipe are the sole distributors of Swedish manufacturer Nibe AB, one of Europe’s largest producers of heat pumps, for the 32 counties of Ireland.

Our experience in under floor heating and even heatpumps goes back to the early 1980’s – At that time we were installing ‘green energy’ solutions before the term had been coined – it just seemed to make good sense to spend less money and be more comfortable! In an area where many others are new arrivals, our long-standing experience will give you peace of mind!


Projects & Case Studies